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Bachelor Party Transportation Options

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Make Sure The Bachelor Party Goes Smoothly By Planning The Transportation In Advance

As the best man, you have many significant responsibilities. One of the most important is putting together the bachelor party. How you plan to get around town is important for planning any kind of event, but pivotal in bachelor parties. You don't want to mess up the groom's big night by leaving everyone stranded. This could be simple if the party is small; just pick a designated driver and pile into the back seat. What if no one wants to be the sober chaperone? It's easy enough to call a taxi or rideshare. If your group is large then this is not something you want to wait until the last minute. A bachelor party bus rental or limo bus is something that should be planned for well in advance. I have compiled a list of ways to get around the city where the bachelor party will be held.

You Or A Friend's Vehicle

Some bachelor parties are more impromptu and consist of the best man, groom and a few of his friends. You can always go the ultra low budget route of just staying in and ordering pizza, but there's nothing special about that. If you know someone who doesn't drink and is cool with chauffeuring the gang around then your planning is complete. Sadly things aren't always so simple. Back in the day, you would call a tax or even a minivan taxi for slightly larger groups. Today you have Uber and Lyft to make getting around easy. It is by far the most affordable option for the nigh if seating isn't a priority.

Limo Service

Live The High Life With A Bachelor Party Limo

If you want to make an impression, then nothing compares to a luxury limousine. There are small to midsize options complete with an experienced chauffeur that can hold around 8-12 people. If your party is a bit larger - up to 18 people - then you can splurge on a stretch limo. Most companies will offer a fleet of swanky limos in a variety of sizes to fit any needs. There are even stretch Hummer limos that can fit up to 22 normal-sized people. A bachelor party limo comes in so many different varieties and there's one for every size. Whatever you're looking for will be available for the area and the amount of time you want to book. You will want to find a party limo company that is reliable and has a great price. Many offer packages for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Party Bus

What's the difference between a limo bus and a party bus? The addition of a stripper pole. Just kidding, there isn't any difference between the two, it's all just marketing. There is something about the lure of bachelor party buses. Almost everything you need to party like a rock star is available under one moving roof. They are an incredible value for the money. A party bus rental will have a top of the line Bluetooth music system that you can sync up with your favorite playlists. Another plus, the best party buses have a state of the art lighting system. There will be disco balls and other crazy lights that will give your transportation the atmosphere of a freewheeling nightclub. Most will have televisions; you can make a presentation of highlights of the groom's life. They are spacious and big; you can get 30-40 people in with room to spare. If you plan to hire strippers to perform on the party bus, then look for party bus rentals that have windows that outsiders won't be able to see inside.

From pre-wedding events to hangover style bachelor parties, getting to the destination in one piece is of paramount importance. How you go about this will be based on how many people will take a ride that evening. It's not always practical to handle all of the logistics yourself, coordinating different drivers into different vehicles just to get everyone to the location. A bachelor party limo can be the solutions and there are options for every event from smaller vehicles to jaw-dropping Hummer stretch limousines. If you want a lively ride for a large group, then nothing compares to a bachelor party bus.

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