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Find Locations For A Bachelor Party

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Where To Throw The Bachelor Party

When planning the bachelor party, a pivotal point would be where the party will be held. You want to make the groom's last night of freedom a memorable occasion. Where the event will be held is a crucial point in order to move forward with the plans and itinerary. What you do, eat, drink will center on this decision. I have compiled a list of the 5 best places for bachelor party planning made easy. This is a general list that you can adapt to any area of the United States, although I have mentioned some of the most popular bachelor party destinations as well.

Your Place

If the only thing holding you back from planning the best bachelor party of your dreams is the money involved, then consider having the event at your house or a friend's place. This is perfect if the budget is tight and you need to find affordable options. Bonus benefits are available if the residence is located in the boondocks; you can crank up the music and have a bachelor party that won't make the neighbors call the police. If the house is located closer to civilization then be considerate of your neighbors. If you don't want to invite them over then let them know in advance what is going down. You will want a location with enough room to accommodate everyone on the invite list. Have some guest bedrooms available in case the guys need somewhere to crash at the end of the night.

Private Room at a Restaurant

Nothing could be simpler than discovering the grooms favorite to eat. Find out if the restaurant offers a private area that can be rented by the hour. This is not as expensive as you may think. You have a spot to enjoy good food, have some drinks and not have to worry about clean up. Some places have areas to rent that include pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games plus other cool gadgets. If you don't want the expense of a private room, the look for restaurants that offer live entertainment or excellent prices.

Hotel Suite

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn! You can combine the best benefits of your home or private room when you rent a suite at a local hotel in your city. Why worry about your friends spilling beer all over your sofa when you can party in the comfort and privacy of a fabulous suite. In the right place, you will be close to bars, clubs, and other fabulous nightlife. Hotel suites were made for parties and by staying in town you save some cash.

Golf Course

Any groom who is a fan of the "Gentlemen's sport" will enjoy starting his bachelor party at tee time. It's really the ultimate guys afternoon, drinking, golfing, and boisterous conversation. Some golf resorts even have restaurants that are pretty good. Golfing activities can be done on the cheap at a public course in your city. If someone has a membership then a private course is a good choice. Golf courses make the best bachelor party destination. Popular places in the southeast include Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Pinehurst, NC.

Take A Trip

When money is no object and the groom wants a blowout, you can consider a group trip to some of the great bachelor party destinations in the United States. If you want a weekend of drinking and gambling then Las Vegas is a legendary spot for bachelor parties. The east coast equivalent would be Atlantic City. If you want more rustic bachelor party destinations for a bachelor party then whitewater rafting in the North Carolina mountains would be a blast. Nashville, Asheville, and New York City are considered some of the best stag destinations in the world. Las Vegas may have all the casinos and crazy shows, so if that is what the groom wants then make sure everyone pitches in for travel expenses.

Attending a football game is an excellent bachelor party activity

Sporting Events

Plan your bachelor party around a football or basketball game, and the itinerary writes itself. This is suitable for local celebrations or groomsmen seeking offbeat bachelor party destinations. College basketball tournements make Raleigh, NC a bachelor party town. A game weekend in any city is full of energy and party atmosphere which leads to a better experience.

Find The Best Bachelor Party Locations

Make the weekend before the wedding one the most fabulous get-togethers possible. Whether you do it on the cheap at a local home, visit a world-class golf resort, or get tickets to the big game, find a theme that the groom will love. Research the best bachelor party destinations in the United States. Consider some off the beaten path spots like Asheville if you don't want to do the cliched Vegas hangover party.

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