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Adult Entertainment - Is It A Good Idea?

Will exotic dancers be a good fit for your bachelor party?

When making a plan for a bachelor party, the thoughts of a modern best man will inevitably go to adult entertainment. Whether it's visiting a gentlemen's club or hiring outcall exotic dancers, watching beautiful women dance is a popular bachelor party activity. This question is, will this be appropriate for the group of people attending the event? Ultimately for bachelor parties, this is all up to the groom's views and feelings. If you can get an idea of how he feels about adult entertainment before he gets married, then you can plan accordingly. Here are some points that you can think about before going forward with the program.

Will This Be For The Party Or The Groom?

You want to make his last night of freedom customized for his tastes and also memorable for everyone attending the bachelor party. You need to make sure now that he is okay with exotic dancers. Some guys are adamant about not having adult entertainers at the party. If so, you respect his wishes, even if everyone else is gung ho for a wild night of party strippers. If the groom is not comfortable watching dancers or is worried his fiance will find out, then don't play on any adult entertainment. It's particularly crucial if you are hiring entertainers to come to your location. What could be worse than when the girls arrive and the groom wants nothing to do with them. You could have the girl's dance for the guys, and the bachelor could step outside. That would be rude and incredibly awkward. One thing is for sure the girls could be at another bachelor party, and you will have to pay them for their time. In most cases, you will be required to pay the entire fee to the dancers for the cancelation. You will then be out of the money and have a pissed off groom.

He Can Take It Or Leave It

In many cases, the groom is okay with adult entertainment but doesn't want it to be the entire focus of the bachelor party. He knows that everyone is expecting strippers and doesn't want to spoil everyone's good time. This is actually a perfect scenario for hiring exotic dancers to go. The housecall dancers show up at the home or hotel, perform their show, dance for an hour, and then split. Everyone that wants a lap dance can get one, and those who don't can sit outside and smoke cigars. It's much simpler than loading everyone up into a bus or van and going to a strip club. Then waiting in line to buy memberships, pay a cover charge, wait for a waitress to take your order and bring drinks. This takes up time that you could be getting lap dancers and tipping the stage. What if the bachelor party is something that starts on a Friday and ends on a Sunday? Why not blow a few hours at the local shake shack.

Strip club or house call dancers?

Strip Club Packages

Beware of packages for bachelor parties at strip clubs. Most of the time you are just getting a specially reserved table for your friends to be seated and maybe a bottle of champagne you don't need. If you don't like sparkling wine, you could try and trade it for a VIP room dance, but good luck with that. What isn't included is lap dances and other vital - and fun! - interactions with exotic dancers. Remember that strip clubs generally have more rules for the average man than hiring outcall exotic dancers in North Carolina. This may or may not be a positive point because some guys can go crazy if they think there are no rules. Remember, there isn't any such thing as no rules, just lax rules. Generally, at-home entertainers know how to make the most out of bachelor parties in a way you might not experience in public places.

Other Considerations

Before you commit to viewing any adult entertainment, find out who will be at the bachelor party. If any relatives of the groom are under eighteen, then it would be highly inappropriate for him to see any dancers. Some cities have strip clubs with full bars and are 21 and up only. This may knock out additional guests from attending any nightclub, so plan accordingly. Other relations you may want to include are the groom's Dad or any other relatives. What if you know that one of them won't approve of the adult nature of the activities? You can try to talk the groom out of inviting them or plan the strip club run or exotic party stripper at a different engagement.

Review All The Options

If you're the best man at the adult entertainment planning point, you should gauge the interest of the groom. Is he adamant about any indecent stag activity, or is he open to visiting a gentlemen's club? Perhaps he would prefer having the exotic dancer coming to a private event. This is important if he is an easily recognizable public figure. I know this won't apply to everyone. Still, the bachelor may be a man who prefers to keep his celebrations confidential. Also, even if everyone involved desires the ultimate strip club debauchery tour if the fiancee is absolutely against bachelor party strippers, then don't do it. You don't want the wedding to end before it begins! With the right choice for the weekend, your exotic dancer experience will be a blast for everyone.

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