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Bachelor Parties Gone Bad - Stories That Will Make You Rethink Your Stategy

There's no getting around the fact that bachelor parties are a fantastic time. Good friends, excellent drinks, bad girls - what's not to like? 99% of the time they run reasonably smooth and a good time was had by all the groom's pals. What happens when things go wrong? Sometimes we get blackout drunk. Get wasted and do horrible things. Make bad decisions. Go to shady places. You can try to convice yourself that women are worse than men, and the bride is doing even worse things at the bachelorette party. Maybe she is! It's probably a good idea to consider things that go wrong before the night of the stag. That way, when things start to go wrong, you can jump in and avert disaster. What happens your bachelor party gone horribly wrong gets posted on TMZ, and you're not a celebrity? You hope that no real names are used. Of course, most of us don't get to start their event at a dope mansion. After drinking way too many cocktails at a strip club, they head back to their rental. Most of them. They forgot a guy, and he stumbles into the wrong dope mansion. He passes out inside the home of the star of "Starship Troopers" Casper Van Dien> The moral of this story is that you need to keep tabs on everyone in the group. If one goes by Women's Health Magazine, rampant guilt can make a bachelor party seem like a disaster. Getting a lap dance can be an activity that will never be shared with his fiancee. Gambling too much money in Vegas can lead to significant regret that the bride will never know of. Not many people can admit they snorted powder off of the back of a toilet. And these are just the stories that Women's Health would actually publish. There are forums galore that people can post their sordid life stories, so it's safe to say that many detail bachelor party regrets. There's the guy who slept with his sister's husband to be and wants to know if he should tell her. Or the fiancee who is ok with the bachelor getting body shots from strippers, but having them delivered by civilians at a local night club was over the line. 

Ranker has a top ten list of awful stories from ruined bachelor parties. The most innocuous anecdotes tell of being handcuffed to a midget or the groom vomiting on a dancer. The worst involve death and are a cautionary tale of what not to do. These would include not operating a boat smashed, don't go 4 wheeling in the middle of the night after getting wasted and definitely don't drink and fight. Just to be equal opportunity, there's even a bachelorette party on the list. Who thinks it's a good idea to stage a fake kidnapping of the groom to be for his bachelor party? These guys in Canada tried it. It's all immature fun and games until the neighbors call the police. Ending with basically the Canadian equivalent of the swat team showing up at the door. Alls well that ends well, as the cops end up saying, "I can tell that this was good-hearted in nature and just really fucking stupid." That could sum up most parties. You can spend all day online reading about the worst scenarios that can happen at bachelor parties. Hopefully, these stories will give you insight into what can go wrong. The smart best man will take heed of these various narratives and keep the group in line. Who wants their party to immortalized by the local police as "just really fucking stupid!"  

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