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Spring Break Bachelor Party Ideas

Spring is in the air, bachelor parties everywhere - that's right spring is actually the prime season for stags. I bet you thought it was June! I'm here to tell you that holding the bachelor party in the same month as the wedding is a bad idea. Even worse is doing it the night before - just don't do that! But springtime is perfect for outdoor activities. The weather is finally starting to cooperate, trees are flushing out, and everyone is ready to enjoy the open air. In April, the weather in most parts of North Carolina is warm enough to wear shorts during the day with evenings comfortably cool. When you combine spring break and a bachelor party you get a weekend with the guys that will rock.

Live Outdoor Concerts

Tired of staying in all bundled up, listening to Spotify? Now that nights are not so cold, many bars and clubs open up their patios and rooftop lounges. Concerts set outside become even more appealing and you won't feel so packed in at outdoor venues. Suitable events can be found throughout the Carolina's that will fit in with the groom's musical tastes.

Hike Higher Elevations

There are many parts of the United States that offer spectacular mountain ranges. Notable spots include Denver - home of the 420 bachelor party - and Idaho has great fishing along with 3 different mountain ranges. If you want to go off the beaten path, then Asheville is the hot bachelor party destination. Adjacent to the highest peaks east of the Mississippi, soon Ashvegas will be as synonymous with bachelor parties as Las Vegas. On a clear sunny day, the peak of Mt Pisgah is visible from downtown Asheville. Any groom who loves hiking will enjoy the spectacular views from the top. Another great thing for the group to do is hike Bald Knob Ridge Trail for the scenery at Black Mountain.

Hiking on Craggy Pinnacle Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway

Pontoon Party

I'm on a boat and it's going fast and nothing says spring break like a well-equipped party vessel. From a simple pontoon to houseboats or even a yacht, having an event on a boat is a one-way ticket to a great bachelor party. Once everyone pools their money together, renting a boat will be less expensive than you would think You don't even have to go to the beach to do this; North Carolina has plenty of lakes that would make a good place to party on and off the boat.

Outdoor Sports

Combine the bachelor party destination with sports and get the best of both worlds. Getting the guys together and going to a golf course is always a time-honored bachelor party activity. Now that the wet cold winter has passed a weekend putting around has much appeal. Along with golf courses, other outdoor bachelor party activities include tennis, white water rafting, and the previously mentioned hiking.

A Backyard BBQ Party

If you don't have a boatload of cash to blow, then the simplest way to enjoy a spring break bachelor party is to throw a backyard cookout. First, figure out which of the potential guests has the coolest back yard. Once you have talked him into hosting the event then make a list of the beverages and food. Everyone else will chip in for this, the host has generously donated his yard for the bachelor party. Add a great playlist and you have good times made easy. If doing this at someone's home seems too much like an average weekend with the guys, then bring the party to a recreation area. There are outdoor picnic areas at destinations like Lake Norman State Park that are free to use and have other cool activities for the party. This way you can take advantage of the great outdoors and not worry about messing up a home. You should still be a good human clean up after the bachelor party.

Start Planning The Final Spring Fling

March and April bring us flowers blooming, the birds and the bees coming to live and a yard waiting to be mowed. There is invariably love in the air, which develops into spring break bachelor parties. Or something like that. Either way, springtime is the best time to throw a stag. If you have trouble picking out the best bachelor party destinations in the spring, then just stay home and make it a barbeque. Pack up the sweaters and coats, pull out the shorts and short-sleeved shirts and enjoy all the great things you can do for a spring bachelor party.

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